Word of the Week – Week Two

Rule six is really important. Learning is something we all do all the time, but we want you to be ready to learn.

When you come to class, we want you to be ready for your class to start. We want you to be ready to learn great skills that will help you everywhere. We are going to help you be ready for your classes. Who wants to be ready?

When you get to the dojo we want you to do these 4 things to make sure you are ready to learn.

Number 1 is to make sure you get onto the mat as soon as you can.

Number 2 is to make sure that your uniform is on and feels comfy, make sure your belt is tied well.

Number 3 is simple, find a spot and sit down for a few moments. Look around and enjoy your surroundings before you start

Number 4 is to find a space on the mat and practice some of your moves you have learned over the last few weeks before your class starts

Number 5 is to step up, find a partner and work together, help each other improve. This is great team work.

If you do these 5 things we know for definite you will be ready to learn and start your class. Are you guys ready?

So this week, we want to see you all working together to achieve this, help each other be ready to learn.

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