Children’s Testing Sheets

Red and White Belt 12th Kyu       Star Block Drill One  
Red Belt 11th Kyu          Star Block Drill Two
Yellow and White 10th Kyu Belt        Star Block Drill Three 
Yellow Belt 9th Kyu        
Orange and White Belt 8th Kyu       
Orange Belt 7th Kyu       
Green Belt 6th Kyu     
Blue Belt 5th Kyu       
Purple  Belt 4th Kyu       
Brown  Belt 3rd Kyu       
Brown and 1 White Stripe Belt 2nd Kyu     
Brown and 2 White Stripes Belt 1st Kyu 
Junior Black  Belt  
Junior Black  Belt – Red Star  
Junior Black  Belt – Yellow Star  
Junior Black  Belt – Orange Star  
Junior Black  Belt – Green Star  

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