Creative Kata Two – Week Two


Rainbow axe kick – both stances
jumping spinning crescent kick, power block down – both stances
*spinning hook kick
Whirl wind kick – both stances

Section One and Two

  • Attention Stance, bow, step back into left foot fighting stance, bring arm up from the side out straight level with shoulders. Keep head low.
  • Cross arms across the body, bring head up, look left chop left punch forward
  • *look right, chop right look forward*
  • Switch stance and punch keeping body at same level all the time.
  • Punch with the right hand, inverted chop with the front hand
  • Spinning on the spot, chop forward with the left hand and punch, switch punch
  • Rainbow axe kick, step forward and jumping spinning crescent kick, power block down
  • *spinning hook kick and power block down
  • Chop right, punch forward
  • Whirl wind kick

* For advanced students only

Video coming soon.