Karate Parties (Birthdays & Events)

Watching those Power Rangers and other cartoon or action movie characters kick and punch their way out of trouble has made karate “cool” in today’s kids’ eyes. It also explains why martial arts is now a popular birthday party theme. Martial arts party.

“Children enjoy the parties because they get the chance to try out some new moves. Parents like them because their children are being active and can actually learn some important lessons.”

When kids take karate lessons, we don’t just teach them punching and kicking, We also teach them life skills, such as the importance of being respectful to their parents, how to focus in school, and how to resolve conflicts and arguments without letting them escalate to violence.

Even during a birthday party, the kids learn a lot and they have fun while they do it.

A typical martial arts party lasts 60 minutes and introduces children as young as five to basic karate moves and defence techniques. Plus 30 minutes for food.

Martial arts party.

We start with a basic Martial Arts techniques before playing more traditional birthday style games. We have tons of games that we can play with the children, depending on their ages.

Typical martial arts party
  • Warm up
  • Stretch
  • Learn Basic Martial Arts Techniques
  • Games
  • Food & Birthday Cake

Watch you child break a board in front of all his friends and cut their birthday cake with a real sword.

(All under Instructors supervision of course)

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