Belt Testing Saturday 14th September 2019


First Name Last Name Next Belt Time
Angelo Brudenell White and Orange  8:00am
Frankie List White and Orange  8:00am
Jackson Boyne White and Orange  8:00am
Luke Coulson White and Orange  8:00am
Aria Wright White and Orange  8:00am
Shivanya Shinh White and Orange  8:00am
Evan Puckys White and Orange  8:00am
Adam Beeton White and Green 8:30am
Allegra Benjamin White and Green 8:30am
Charlie Carrington White and Green 8:30am
William  Dewey White and Green 8:30am
Ted Levens White and Green 8:30am
Lara Taylor White and Green 8:30am
Max Majewski White and Blue 9:00am
Diogo Branquinho White and Purple 9:00am
Ava Perry White and Purple 9:00am
Lucas Sousa White and Purple 9:00am
Reuben Church White and Brown 9:30am
Sophie Neal White and Brown 9:30am
James Thurling White and Brown 9:30am
Savannah Sindall Red and White 10:00am
Olivia Mae Brudenell Red and White 10:00am
Mohamed Manseur Red and White 10:00am
Leo Earp Red and White 10:00am
Jawad Jaber Red and White 10:00am
Kate Keisele Red and White 10:00am
Didzis Keislis Red and White 10:00am
Bobby Nash Red and White 10:00am
Lexey Williams Red and White 10:00am
Kiera Urquhart Red and White 10:00am
Charlie Couzens Red 10:45am
Harry Hider Red 10:45am
Kacey-May Derrante Red 10:45am
Arshan Nash Red 10:45am
Oscar Owen Red 10:45am
Wiktoria Sobolewska Red 10:45am
Sophie Szczesowska Red 10:45am
Isabella Robson Yellow and White 11:45am
Bailey Aldcroft Yellow and White 11:45am
Oskar Swoboda Yellow and White 11:45am
Olivier Swoboda Yellow and White 11:45am
Darcy  Williams Yellow and White 11:45am
Ugne Danileviciute Orange 12:45pm
Esme Williamson Orange and White 12:45pm
Nathan Howarth Orange and White 12:45pm
Emily Dickson Orange 12:45pm
Ayden Taylor Green 1:45pm
Toby Uff Brown 2:45pm
Nathan Kelly Brown 2:45pm
Sophie Hicks Brown 2:45pm
Antonia Butterworth Brown 2:45pm
Finlay Storrs Brown 2:45pm
Ravi Panchal Brown 2:45pm


Ananya Sahoo Red 9:00am
Rahim Malik Red 9:00am
Dorian Bartniak Red 9:00am
Charlie Cooke Red 9:00am
Isabelle Day Red 9:00am
Zara Malik Red 9:00am
Ashley Mangadze Red 9:00am
Matas Abramovas Yellow and White 10:00am
Raja Ahmed Yellow and White 10:00am
Ameera Ahmed Yellow and White 10:00am
Santo Cusumano Yellow and White 10:00am
Leo Longley Yellow and White 10:00am
Lewis Longley Yellow and White 10:00am
Matthew Coulson Yellow 11:00am
Phoebe Dane Yellow 11:00am
Jacob Robson Yellow 11:00am
Joshua Leonard Blue 12.30pm
Archie Sindall Blue 12.30pm
Darren Sindall Blue 12.30pm
Aarya Vijayasankar Blue 12.30pm
William Dodds Brown and One White Stripes 2:00pm
Aaron Dickerson Brown and One White Stripes 2:00pm
Annie Dickson Brown and Two White Stripes 2:00pm
Paris Morton Brown and Two White Stripes 2:00pm
Oliver Profitt Brown and Two White Stripes 2:00pm
Zoe Glencross Brown and Two White Stripes 2:00pm
Maggie Connelly Yellow 3.30pm
Sarah Sindall Yellow 3.30pm