Word of the Week – Week One

Our fourth rule “Be Kind To All”

 Rule number 4 one that we hope you will all carry on outside the dojo too. It is “Be Kind To All”. Being Kind is not just a sometime thing, it is an all time thing. We need to be kind all of the time. The world around us can sometimes be a tough place, but if we are always kind to others, they will be kind to us. Just raise your hand if someone has ever been mean to you before. When someone is mean to you it makes you feel sad doesn’t it. So our mission is to change this. We want to be kind to everyone, at the dojo, at home and at school or anywhere else you may go.

We want to work together to do our best for the world to be a kinder, happier place.

Our Fifth rule “Bowing at Class

Rule number 5 is all about etiquette and manners, something we can all improve on. “Bowing at Class” is what we call it.

Bowing is a sign of respect and one of the key things we want to be as Martial Artists and as human beings is respectful. It is like saying “please” and “thank you”.

Well bowing is another way of giving a “Hand Shake”.

This would be a polite way to meet someone or even say goodbye. But, in most of East Asia, they do not like contact like this so bowing is the polite way to do it.

We bow in class because it is polite and respectful to what we are learning and is carrying on a tradition as part of Martial Arts. It shows good etiquette. Ok so we want to make sure you bow at the beginning and the end of class and when you are working with a partner. Let’s all give it a try.