Interclub – 12th November 2011

Interclub League 2011 – 12th November Section One

1st      Mia Bristow
2nd    Oliver Madison
3rd     Amy Dumou
Runner up
Kieran Williams
Section Two
1st     Damien Gray
2nd   Ellis Gostelow  
3rd    Laney Gray
Section Three
1st        China Smith
2nd        Jamie Mersini
3rd        Amy Brennan
Runner up
Conner Williams
 Thank you to Wayne and his team for hoasting todays event
Section Four
1st        Chelsea Leggett
2nd        Jake Peppercorn
3rd        Jake Wing-Morehen
 It was a great finish to the years league
Section Five
1st        Jade Packlington
2nd        Melody Smith
 Well done to al of the Pride UK team for winning this years overallschool winner.We look forward to more interclubs next year.
Section Six
1st        Libby Bristow
2nd        Morgan Holland
Section Seven
1st        Michael Watling
2nd        Marik Arhiok
3rd        Adrian Levai
Section Eight
1st        Ben Watson
2nd        Sam Pewton
3rd        Caine Coole
Runner up
Glynn Gray
Section Nine
1st        Richard Wallace
2nd        Andrew Hicks
3rd        Steve Smith
Runner up
Wayne Pearl
Fighter of the Day