Power Form – Week One

Power Form

Opening Bow

Bring both hands up into an x block position above your head – hands open. Bring your hands down as you close your hands turn your hands, palms in knuckles towards you. Hands should be level with your shoulders. From here hands follow through as you push down block with your right hand on top of the left. Bring your hands up above your head circle them around your back and finish with a bow.

Combination One

Look to your left as you step with your left to left high block with your left hand pivot reverse punch with your right hand. Look forward step forward with the right foot to the reverse punch with your left hand. Step back with your right foot in a horse stance (left foot forward) as you shoot your hands in to shu do (push block forward). Draw up into a front stance(left foot forward) as you do an X-block with both hands above your head. Uncross your hands as knife hand chop down beside you. Bring your hands in to a guard stance as you slide your feet together front kick with your left foot. Immediately after putting your left foot down back leg axe kick, spin counter clockwise as you chop with your left hand and reverse punch with your right hand. Draw up into a crane stance (right leg behind left knee) step forward with the right foot as you bring your back hand to chamber and your left hand to knife hand position against your shoulder and vertical punch with the right hand. Chamber front arm across chest and front leg triple round house kick low, middle and high. Land in knife hand chop.

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