Hyper Fight Club


Hyper Fight Club Vision
We provide everyone a motivational life changing experience that gives athletes worldwide the belief, desire and confidence to Live   Their Life. We inspire fast and powerful fight athletes who will stand up for their beliefs and remain respectful and humble. The athletes spread their motivation and encourage their friends and family members to end bullying in their community.

What is Hyper Fight Club?
A place for people to go where they escape the pressure of the world, kick on the music and train with their friends and coaches.                   An experience where athletes learn the most progressive self-protection and fighting techniques with the mindset to conquer their biggest fears and opponents. They develop their core values and respect to help them achieve their goals and dreams. They are on a team with top trainers, martial arts students and athletes worldwide who will stand up for their beliefs and protect themselves and their family. Welcome to the Hyper Fight Club experience.

The Hyper Fight Club motivates students and gives them the leverage and ability to rule their life. There is no confidence like self defense confidence. The ability to walk the school hallways or streets knowing you can protect yourself and your family. It’s never about fighting. It’s being empowered to try your best and give each day your all. This power will change the life of every person who takes our Hyper Fight Club sessions. They win in the ring and in life.

Our Overall Mission
To reach, teach and inspire a team of martial arts athletes in each community who will stand up for their beliefs and protect themselves and their family. We know every person who takes our courses will encounter a life changing experience by learning the tactical strategies of winning in the ring and winning in life. We are a team dedicated to a positive future.

The Three Chevrons
They represent the three ways to be successful in the ring and in life.

Spirit: Your Spirit
Mind: Your Mind
Body: Your Body