Belt Testing June 2019


  First Name Last Name Next Grade Time
  Allegra Benjamin White and Orange 8.00am
  William Dewey White and Orange 8.00am
  Charlie Carrington White and Orange 8.00am
  Ted Leven White and Orange 8.00am
  Lara Taylor White and Orange 8.00am
  Max Majewski White and Green 8.45am
  Diogo Branquinho White and Blue 8.45am
  Ava Perry White and Blue 8.45am
  Lucas Sousa White and Blue 8.45am
  Reuben Church White and Purple 9.30am
  Sophie Neal White and Purple 9.30am
  Savannah Sindall White and Purple 9.30am
  Isabella Robson Yellow and White 10.30am
  Matthew Coulson Yellow and White 10.30am
  Phoebe Dane Yellow and White 10.30am
  Brooklyn Gavaghan Yellow and White 10.30am
  Deividas Liutkus Yellow and White 10.30am
  Timothy Rostaing Yellow and White 10.30am
  Nathan Howarth Yellow 11.30am
  Jacob Robson Yellow 11.30am
  Ugne Danileviciute Yellow 11.30am
  Freddy Bird Yellow 11.30am
  Esme Williamson Yellow 11.30am
  Tyler Crozier Yellow 11.30am
  Tobias Lijesen Yellow 11.30am
  Meja Dulskyte Green 1.30pm
  Summer Morton Green 1.30pm
  Tajus Jankauskas Green 1.30pm
  Dylan Irving Green 1.30pm
  Aarya Vijayasankar Green 1.30pm
  Dylan Irving Green 1.30pm
  Jasmine Dangol Brown 3.00pm


  First Name Last Name Next Grade Time
  Isabelle Day Red and White 9.00am
  Oscar Owen Red and White 9.00am
  Ashley Mangadze Red and White 9.00am
  Dorian Bartniak Red and White 9.00am
  Kacey-May Derrante Red and White 9.00am
  Sophie Szczesowska Red and White 9.00am
  Wiktoria Sobolewska Red and White 9.00am
  Charlie Cooke Red and White 10.00am
  Rahim Malik Red and White 10.00am
  Charlotte Rostaing Red and White 10.00am
  Arshan Nash Red and White 10.00am
  Ananya Sahoo Red and White 10.00am
  Charlie Couzens Red and White 10.00am
  Harry Hider Red and White 10.00am
  Robert Harris Red 11.00am
  Raja Ahmed Red 11.00am
  Ameera Ahmed Red 11.00am
  Bailey Aldcroft Red 11.00am
  Santo Cusumano Red 11.00am
  Darcy Williams Red 11.00am
  Oskar Swoboda Red 11.00am
  Olivier Swoboda Red 11.00am
  Arvydas Blazys Red


  Imen Salaheldin Red 12.00pm
  Rianna Salaheldin Red 12.00pm
  Matas Abramovas Red 12.00pm
  James Baldock Red 12.00pm
  Olivia Vasile Red 12.00pm
  Leo Longley Red 12.00pm
  Lewis Longley Red 12.00pm
  Kieran Dangol Orange and White 1.00pm
  Vladimir Harlap-Valters Orange and White 1.00pm
  Fabian Piotrowicz Orange and White 1.00pm
  Ethan Pierre Orange and White 1.00pm
  Emily Dickson Orange and White 1.00pm
  Tiffany Chan Orange 2.00pm
  Lukas Derlatka Orange 2.00pm
  Marcus Farrell Orange 2.00pm
  William Goody Orange 2.00pm
  Edward Goody Orange 2.00pm
  Logan Ridley Orange 2.00pm
  Titas Olisauskas Blue 3.30pm
  Lucy Ramsden Blue 3.30pm
  Daniel Colangelo-Allen Blue 3.30pm
  Abi Guerin Purple 3.30pm
  Nathanael Ngwira Purple 3.30pm
  Chloe Nash Red 5.00pm
  Maggie Connerly Red 5.00pm
  Sarah Sindall Red 5.00pm