Belt Testing December 2019


First Name Last Name Next Belt Time
Arlo Cooke White and Orange 8.00am
Oscar Coulson White and Orange 8.00am
Tariq Hafez White and Orange 8.00am
Ioana Walden White and Orange 8.00am
Aria Wright White and Green 8:45am
Evan Puckys White and Green 8:45am
Luke Coulson White and Green 8:45am
Ted Levens White and Green 8:45am
Shivanya Shinh White and Green 8:45am
Frankie List White and Green 8:45am
Adam Beeton White and Blue 9:30am
Allegra Benjamin White and Blue 9:30am
Angelo Brudenell White and Blue 9:30am
William Dewey White and Blue 9:30am
Lara Taylor White and Blue 9:30am
Ava Perry White and Purple 9:30am
Diogo Branquinho White and Brown 10:15am
Lucas Sousa White and Brown 10:15am
James Thurling White and Brown 10:15am
Charlotte Rostaing Red 11:00am
Bobby Nash Red  11:00am
Ananya Sahoo Red  11:00am
Dorian Bartniak Red  11:00am
Olivia Mae Brudenell Red  11:00am
Mohamed Mansour Red  11:00am
Savannah Sindall Red  11:00am
Jawad Jaber Red  11:45am
Kate Keisele Red  11:45am
Didzis Keislis Red  11:45am
Timothy Rostaing Yellow 12:30pm
Darcy Williams Yellow 12:30pm
Raja Ahmed Yellow 12:30pm
Ameera Ahmed Yellow 12:30pm
Deividas Liutkus Yellow 12:30pm
Bailey Aldcroft Yellow 12:30pm
Ugne Danileviciute Green 2:45pm
Toby Nicholls Green 2:45pm
Lilly-Ella Nicholls Green 2:45pm
Tiffany Chan Green 2:45pm
Lukas Derlatka Green 2:45pm
Farhaan Mohammed Brown and White Stripe 4:00pm
Vikita Shah Brown and White Stripe 4:00pm
Naya Valambhia Brown and Two White Stripe 4:00pm


First Name Last Name Next Belt Time
Max Majewski Red and White 8:00am
Jackson Boyne Red and White 8:00am
Charlie Carrington Red and White 8:00am
Sophie Neal Red and White 8:00am
Herbie Bailey Red and White 8:00am
Daniel Alburey Red and White 8:00am
James Eagers Red and White 8:00am
Molly Eagers Red and White 8:00am
Gaith Hafez Red and White 8:00am
Omer Hafez Red and White 8:00am
Freddie Burtt Red and White 8:45am
Ammar Abbo Red and White 8:45am
Asreen Abbo Red and White 8:45am
Sareen Abbo Red and White 8:45am
Collier Hood-Greer Red and White 8:45am
Damijanas Luksas Red and White 8:45am
Karmelas Luksas Red and White 8:45am
Julia Musial Red and White 8:45am
Mateus Nunes Red and White 8:45am
Ashley Mangadze Yellow and White 9:30am
Isabelle Day Yellow and White 9:30am
Rahim Malik Yellow and White 9:30am
Charlie Cooke Yellow and White 9:30am
Matas Abramovas Yellow and White 9:30am
Charlie Couzens Yellow and White 10:30am
Kacey-May Derrante Yellow and White 10:30am
Arshan Nash Yellow and White 10:30am
Wiktoria Sobolewska Yellow and White 10:30am
Sophie Szczesnowska Yellow and White 10:30am
Matthew Coulson Orange and White 11:30am
Phoebe Dane Orange and White 11:30am
Freddy Bird Orange and White 11:30am
Tyler Crozier Orange and White 11:30am
Esme Williamson Orange and White 11:30am
Kieran Dangol Orange 11:30am
Ayden Taylor Blue 2:45pm
Meja Dulskyte Blue 2:45pm
Marcus Farrell Blue 1:45pm
Dylan Irving Blue 1:45pm
Summer Morton Blue 1:45pm
Aarya Vijayasankar Blue 1:45pm
Ayaan Mohammed Purple 3:00pm
Titas Olisauskas Purple 3:00pm
Lucy Ramsden Purple 3:00pm
Antonia Butterworth Brown 4:30pm
Rehaan Mohammed Brown 4:30pm
Abi Guerin Brown 4:30pm
Rudra Valambhia Brown 4:30pm